Monster Hunter Riders [Mod] – 1 Hit, God Mode

Monster Hunter Riders MOD APK, a sequel to the blockbuster series of games that landed on mobile devices. This release brings a whole new world with a whole new story. However, the gameplay remains the same, bringing the familiar feel of the Monster Hunter series to any player who has experienced it before. Great journeys, exciting features are waiting ahead, download and join now.

Summary information about the game

NameMonster Hunter Riders
PublisherCAPCOM CO., LTD.
GenreRole-play, adventure, online
Mod Features1 Hit, God Mode

Monster Hunter Riders [Mod] Apk - 1 Hit, God Mode

Attractive game content

In a fantasy world, in a remote village, where humans and monsters are living together through the Kinship Stones. Such monsters will be called Monsties, becoming a part of the life of the submitter. The powerful monster control warriors appear throughout this wonderful land. In this game, players will have to travel the world to recruit powerful Monsters and turn them into Monstie. When adventure in a whole new world, you will encounter countless different surprises. In the version of Monster Hunter Riders, the publisher brought a different world, a new story for you. A lot of great features are waiting for players to explore.

When entering the match, the main gameplay of this game is turn-based combat. Each turn, you can only use one action from the controller or Monstie. Skills include: basic attack, use of skills or items. You need to make a reasonable move with the tactics and the current situation. At the same time must prepare before the unexpected factors that occur in the top match. Monsters are also divided into different types and elements. For example: strength parameters, different skills, elemental counterattack. Therefore, each system has its own unique attacks that create different play styles.

Monster Hunter Riders [Mod] Apk - 1 Hit, God Mode

Main features of Monster Hunter Riders

– Participate in a refreshed history battle full of fascinating pace and flashy skills.
– The story takes place in the Fergia continent where humans and monsters live together.
– Hunt down the most powerful monsters in the continent, assemble your own battle squad and challenge difficult missions.
– Combining different elements owned by monsters and players will create infinite tactics.
– Challenge the strongest commanders in a special association of engineers to change the fate of the world.
– Search for the secrets of the evil monster handlers lurking in the dark.
– New monsters and features are added regularly in each update.

Download Monster Hunter Riders Mod Apk cho Android

– 1 Hit Kill.
– God Mode.
– Support menu on, off mod.

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