Bright Memory Mobile APK – The best graphical FPS

Bright Memory Mobile APK, an extremely high quality game that is rarely seen on mobile devices. Developed by FYQD Studio, but you will be surprised when they only have one member. Making the most of the graphics power, this was a really big hit. Certainly, players will have an extremely satisfying action experience accompanied by great picture quality. Enjoy console quality games right on your Android device with no dreams.

Summary information about the game

NameBright Memory Mobile
PublisherFYQD Studio
GenreAction, shooting, role-play
Mod FeaturesNone

Bright Memory Mobile APK - The best graphical FPS


Earth in the 2020s, scientific research organization SSC accidentally discovered a special material. It is an ancient sword capable of summoning powerful creatures from hell. On their journey to find the hideout of the ancient smugglers, they found the sword. This surprised everyone in the world of modern SSC scientists.

Because of possessing special power, the sword was stolen. A mysterious organization suddenly attacked suddenly in the dark night. Players will play the role of Sheila, in the difficult journey to the Arctic sky. The place is said to have a mysterious entity floating in the sky and is also the source of the sword.


Honestly, Bright Memory Mobile possesses very rich combat features. Therefore, the gameplay of this game is quite complicated. In addition to the usual operations, you will have to familiarize yourself with comprehensive mastering tactics. But what this game offers is extremely worthy, enjoy a quality role-playing game perfectly. Players only need to remember the skill positions and characteristics to combine them.

The only task is to stop the evil organization’s plan and retrieve the ancient sword. Fight with the mysterious creatures that exist in the land of the Sky. Using ingenuity, you will fight with Sheila throughout the journey.

Bright Memory Mobile APK - The best graphical FPS

Key features of Bright Memory Mobile

It can be said that this is an offline game that owns the best graphics on mobile platforms today. Using the most advanced graphics technology, Unreal Engine 4 guarantees excellent quality. Create detailed, thorough images from the characters to the map. In addition, the combat effect is also extremely vivid to bring fascinating experience in each battle.

Skill system brings diverse fighting styles to the characters. You can completely master the fighting skills and it also depends on the player. Every time you level up, players will receive a skill point. There are many skills for players, choose the skills you want. Use and defeat the enemy, and create beautiful combos during play.

The skills are not limited to using guns and swords or using ropes. Due to the scientific power, Sheila also has other supernatural abilities. For example psychokinesis or energy blasts, stopping time. All are very powerful but you will have to reach certain levels to be able to unlock them.

Download Bright Memory Mobile Mod Apk for Android

Data extract, copy folder com.FYQD.BrightMemory to the path: /Android/obb/

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