Zombie 3D Gun Shooter [Mod] – Survival Warfare

Zombie 3D Gun Shooter MOD APK, a great zombie killing game for mobile devices. The end of the world is so close, what you will have to do to survive in a world full of dangerous corpses. Making full use of all available weapons, including knives, is also an extremely important item when faced with emergency situations. Stunning 3D graphics, easy controls, attractive gameplay. In addition, the guarantee of support for all low-end devices is what makes the game attractive.

Summary information about the game

NameZombie 3D Gun Shooter- Real Survival Warfare
PublisherFun Shooting Games For Free
GenreShooting, survival, zombie
Mod Features1 Hit, God Mode

Zombie 3D Gun Shooter [Mod] Apk - Survival Warfare

The world is in danger

Pandemic due to zombie virus is officially out of control. Every effort of the countries in the world was almost fruitless and they gave up. Zombies are evolving stronger, and gradually taking over the whole world. But in the world there are still many organizations and individuals that do not accept this. You are the commander of a specially trained special forces whose main task is to fight against zombies. Even if you turn everything into a massacre, you still need to kill all the zombies in this area. At the same time survive, save as many people as possible alive. The only hope of humankind, don’t let people down.

Zombie 3D Gun Shooter is a game that offers a true survival fighting experience. Globally, that’s where the zombies have invaded. Doomsday is closer than ever, so join this great game now. Become a professional sapper soldier and fight with the undead. Enter the battlefield to conquer all the challenges in the game. Be careful, there are many different types of zombies, you do not know if they have special abilities or not. Take advantage of the diverse arsenal available, from melee weapons, pistols, rifles, machine guns to destruction bombs. I firmly believe that nothing can make it difficult for you, good luck.

Zombie 3D Gun Shooter [Mod] Apk - Survival Warfare

Main features of Zombie 3D Gun Shooter

– A game of shooting, survival, destroying undead in the apocalypse.
– Realistic 3D graphics and amazing animation effects.
– Attractive experience through many different levels, on many different maps.
– Diverse zombie species, many mutant species with special powers.
– Weapon system: knives, pistols, snipers, automatic rifles, pistols, grenades.
– Smooth control system on touch screen, easy to play for everyone.
– Perfect optimization for all mobile devices, including low-end devices.

Download Zombie 3D Gun Shooter Mod Apk for Android

– 1 Hit Kill.
– God Mode.

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