The Greedy Cave 2 [Mod] – Gate of time

The RPG game The Greedy Cave 2 Mod Apk returns with a new installment. And there is this time, another opportunity, new feature. You can team up with your friends to continue exploring the adventure! Greedy or not greedy, that is a difficult question. If you love this game, then what are you waiting for without experiencing The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate right away?

Summary information about the game

NameThe Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate
GenreAdventure, RPG
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money

Disaster suddenly strikes

The story begins in a cave full of magic, and discovers random treasures hidden within it. The adventurers come with their respective goals. This unprecedented adventure fever has made some kingdoms prosper. While others withered and died. Leads to a change in the geopolitical landscape of the world. However, it was too late when people discovered the truth. When the plot was revealed, the army of demons descended upon the kingdom.

The angry gods, both heaven and earth lost its color. War spread to all corners of the land, no one was spared. Humans were helpless as dust blew into the fire of war. The house was destroyed, the civilizations destroyed, the world had an unprecedented destruction. Because there are only a few survivors left. This disaster lasted for many years until people almost forgot the name of the continent – Milton.

The Greedy Cave 2 [Mod] Apk - Gate of time

The past is turned back

Search through historical records of all national libraries of the Sothoth continent. Do all that is possible, but only some documents have a long history of disaster. The disaster at The Greedy Cave 2 was assumed by the authors to be the first Gold Rush. This story easily reminds people of what happened recently. Thousands of years later, in Basatan, a magical kingdom of worship surrounded by mountains.

Its wizards claim that they opened the door to another world through their research. A place where time alternates with space, where you can see not only images of the old world. But there are also many strange creatures that people have never heard of before. However, as they said before, this way of controlling power has not yet been found, so you don’t know where you will end up.

The Greedy Cave 2 [Mod] Apk - Gate of time

New task follows the old story

Big issues like Time Gate can’t catch people’s eye. Just like that day after day. And once again, adventurers from different kingdoms gathered. Today, and the second “Gold Rush” will definitely begin.

The story of the cave The Greedy Cave 2 takes place after its predecessor. And the arrival of the Time Gate has been linked again. In this game, you will play the role of an explorer and enter the mysterious dungeon. Challenge, destroy different monsters and get powerful equipment. Invite your friends, form a group to explore together. Solve the mysteries of Time Gate, and share those precious treasures!

The Greedy Cave 2 [Mod] Apk - Gate of time

Features of The Greedy Cave 2

– Exotic, bizarre and exotic Cthulhu art style brings a rich and vivid game experience.
– Completely randomize caves and loots! New trips every time you play!
– Well-designed bosses with various skills are waiting for your challenge!
– Different weapons activate different skill trees, your battle strategy is your own!
– Over 300+ widgets to collect make you the most amazing dungeon crawler!
– Collaborate with other players to explore in real time, recruit and build your own guild!

Download The Greedy Cave 2 Time Gate Mod Apk for Android

– Unlimited Gold Coin.
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