Summer Catchers [Mod] – Looking for summer sun

Join the Summer Catchers MOD APK, an exciting adventure right on your mobile phone. On the long journey, you want to find the true sun of the great summer. In a reliable wooden vehicle, players will travel to mysterious remote lands. At the same time caught strange creatures and unexpected races. This will certainly be a long journey but it is equally attractive.

Summary information about the game

NameSummer Catchers
PublisherNoodlecake Studios Inc
GenreAdventure, endless run, entertainment
Mod FeaturesUnlocked

Summer Catchers [Mod] Apk - Looking for summer sun


In this story, you are a boy or girl born in a cold area covered with snow. All that can be seen is darkness and white snow. The fire is almost the most wonderful light they have ever known. The other boy had never seen the sun, suddenly flashed the idea of ​​adventure and implemented immediately. After a long sleep, the boy decided to search for the sun, the true sun of warm summers. In the old wooden car, that’s all for the beginning. But whether this journey is successful or not, what is waiting ahead.

However, this Summer Catchers journey will not be easy. You know and accept that, drive through the most dangerous areas. Shady forests, dark marshes, vast valleys and underground cities,… You can even encounter bigger obstacles and unexpected situations in life. At this time, clash with a few monsters is normal, doing tasks to help people. With a reliable travel bag at hand, find your way across unknown lands. At the same time have a few more friends and discover secrets along the way.

Summer Catchers [Mod] Apk - Looking for summer sun


The only thing you have with you is a durable wooden car. You need to determine the exact direction of sunlight on your journey. But do not worry because the player will get suggestions from a few friends in the game. The two exchanged and started the journey. The car always moves forward without a control button, which is the difference of Summer Catchers compared to many other games. Quite similar to the infinite running genre, but the developer has added a few elements to make it great.

On his long journey, obstacles that appear right before his eyes are inevitable. For unknown reasons, they always hinder the destruction of your vehicle. Be it monsters, snowballs, wooden statues and traps. All of them are very dangerous things and if you are not careful, the journey will end. Discover unique abilities and upgrade your vehicle to be stronger. In addition, there are many items to assist the player in the process, so the control system can do a lot of things. Learn all the mysteries and events in this beautiful pixel art world.

Download Summer Catchers Mod Apk for Android

– Unlocked Full Version.

  • Summer Catchers 1.3.7 (Unlocked): APK | Link 2
  • Google Play: Download

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