Stardew Valley [Mod] – Unlimited Money, Stamina

Stardew Valley MOD APK with Vietnamese has really set foot on mobile devices. This game was previously extremely popular, creating a fever on other platforms. Enjoy the feeling of peace, relaxation, away from modern life outside the city. A beautiful world, where only fields, you and the people, are nothing more than that. Download Stardew Valley mod full money, stamina, free craft for your phone now.

Summary information about the game

NameStardew Valley
PublisherChucklefish Limited
GenreRole-play, simulator, farm
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, Stamina, Free Craft, Việt hóa

Stardew Valley [Mod] Apk - Unlimited Money, Stamina

Great farm game

This game is different from the normal farm genre such as the game series FarmVille, Township. Because of this, this is no longer a simple farm genre when combined with RPG elements with an engaging role-playing story. Long story up to more than 50 hours of play will certainly make anyone feel satisfied. Everything started from the time your grandfather left you this beautiful land. It is located in a small town called Pelican Town consisting of a vacant lot and a house. Remove each rock, stump, blade of grass, rebuild the garden and start a new life.

Stardew Valley apk equips players with the most basic tools. Whether you have the experience and talent to turn this place into a potential fertile place. In addition to seasonal crops, players can also raise and store cattle and poultry at will. Do not forget to decorate, redesign your farm in the most scientific way, maybe it will be incredibly beautiful. In addition, players should participate in activities with people, fishing, cooking and manufacturing. Or maybe explore caves and mysterious stories. Looking for a girl, flirting, giving gifts, maybe somewhere will be a happy family.

Stardew Valley [Mod] Apk - Unlimited Money, Stamina

Main features of Stardew Valley

– Design your own dream farm according to your own wishes.
– Turn overgrown grasslands into a beautiful, fertile farm.
– Customize characters, choose a map with dozens of different items.
– Planting a variety of seasonal crops, raising and propagating animals.
– Explore vast, mysterious caves, encounter dangerous monsters, and collect valuable treasures.
– Participate in seasonal festivals organized by the villagers and become a small part of the community.
– Solve many different tasks, choose to get married to build a happy family.
– Learn a few little secrets hidden throughout the game.
– Support best simulation on touch screen and gamepad.

Download Stardew Valley Mod Apk for Android

– Unlimited Money.
– Infinite Stamina.
– Free Craft.
– Reproduction Of Items.
(Note: Turn off the internet when entering the game)

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