Kiki’s Vacation [Mod] – Kokoloko paradise island

Kiki’s Vacation MOD APK, enter the beautiful world in the vacation on paradise island. This is Kokoloko, the perfect island that kiki decided to choose as a resting place after stressful working time. Discover light, entertaining features on bright, beautiful 2D graphics. Download Kiki’s Vacation mod money now. Experience interesting moments with the locals, keeping it in a cat diary.

Summary information about the game

NameKiki’s Vacation
GenreSimulation, entertainment
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Shells

Kiki’s Vacation [Mod] Apk - Kokoloko paradise island

Experience the cool paradise

This wonderful holiday takes you to the cool paradise of the Kokoloko Islands. A game and also an idle adventure full of relaxation. Join Kiki, the protagonist of this whole wonderful break. Follow her as she befriends locals, see how they interact and talk. At the same time discover the secrets of the island and maybe find a little something romantic. Opportunity to discover yourself during the process of playing this game. Special exciting moments await the player.

Kiki, a cat in a crafty city. She is ready to leave her stressful life, moving to settle on the remote island of Kokoloko. A trip, a long vacation or summer vacation, hm… I don’t know. Discover activities to relax and decorate your shelter. In the meantime, meet the eccentric islanders and get caught up in their interesting tales. The day passes on the island Kiki’s Vacation is equivalent to the real time of your vacation. So make sure you log in at different times of the day to meet different characters.

Kiki’s Vacation [Mod] Apk - Kokoloko paradise island

Great features

Don’t be shy, talk to people often. Not all immediately become your best friend. But in the long run, you’re sure to build the best connection. Choose, talk to someone and say something to develop Kiki’s friendship and unlock new activities. A lot of different activities correspond to friendship levels and each character. Even Kokoloko Island residents are not technology blind people. Everyone signs up to use the MeowLife social network, which is also where Kiki records her life.

Kiki will always post relationship milestones and other interesting things at Kiki’s Vacation. Occasionally, she will post something while you go to always have something to check. Collect rare seashells, the island’s main currency. A source of passive income, who needs dollars and gold, shells are the real treasure. When you bathe on the beach or fish with reliable fishing nets, you will have a chance to get them. Decide whether to spend your hard earned shells on new decorations for your tent. Or enjoy a sumptuous meal, luxury massage at the spa,…

Download Kiki’s Vacation Mod Apk for Android

– Unlimited Shells.
(play through the tutorial, then exit the game and reopen)

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