Idle Farming Empire [Mod] – Unlimited Coins

Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk is an interesting farm game. Here, you grow crops and raise animals to sell and sell for money. Together create a superlative farm. Be smart in choosing plant varieties and animals. They will bring you huge profits. Farming games are always very entertaining. Raising a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and cattle, relaxed, light-hearted and relaxed without stress. Favorite farm fun, so wait any longer without trying this game immediately.

Summary information about the game

NameIdle Farming Empire
GenreFarm, simulation, idle
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Diamonds

Idle Farming Empire [Mod] Apk - Unlimited Coins

Become a rich boss

Farming is a game genre that is so familiar to everyone. But one thing is for sure, there aren’t any similar games, very suitable for entertainment and relaxation. Your main task, to build your own farm, also grow to get more income. Gradually you will have more money to do other jobs as you like. Plant more agricultural products and have more sheds for farm animals on the farm. Every step forward is one step closer to wealth.

Every agricultural and animal product at the Idle Farming Empire mod has a certain value. You can use this to produce other more valuable products or deals or exchanges. Harvest agricultural products, then bring your products to the market for additional income. If in real life, weather is always the deciding factor for the season. But the special thing in this game, you can completely control the weather. And since this is an offline game, it has an automated gameplay that keeps your farm growing even when you’re not paying attention.

Idle Farming Empire [Mod] Apk - Unlimited Coins

Features of Idle Farming Empire

– Simple and easy to get acquainted. Press and swipe the screen to nurture cute animals and cultivate to get rich.
– Watch your assets grow: The ability to automate your farm and make money continuously while you’re away.
– Harvest neatly, quickly: Harvest all your crops by swiping the screen to receive money and plant new trees.
– Weather control: Increases yield by providing sunlight energy to plants. Create rain to help the tree thrive.
– Your own farmer: Hire friends to help you grow. Customize your farm.
– Smart investment: Prove your business strategy. Through intelligent decisions about when to upgrade and harvest.
– Play anywhere you want: can play anytime, anywhere, online, offline.

Download Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk for Android

– Unlimited Gold Coin.
– Unlimited Diamond.

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