Forgotton Anne [Unlocked] – The forgotten land

Forgotton Anne Unlocked APK, The world is forgotten but incredibly beautiful. An adventure story tells of Anne, on her way to learn the secrets in the mysterious world. However, this was not easy as what they faced did not exist in the human world. Whether the girl can escape from this place, or will forever be forgotten in the land in the Forgotton Anne mod unlocked full version.

Summary information about the game

NameForgotton Anne
GenreAdventure, puzzle
Mod FeaturesUnlocked

Forgotton Anne [Unlocked] Apk - The forgotten land

Story content

Imagine a place where all that was lost and forgotten: old toys, letters, socks. The forgotten land is a wonderful world inhabited by a forgotten person. Living as a deceived object desires to be remembered. Whether you can remember your old toys, what you did when you were young or not. Time will erase everything, but they will still be there, in a place called The Lost Land. Forgotton Anne APK is an adventure that will lead players to learn the truth about the story behind that world. You must complete missions to find your way back to the modern world of humankind.

There is no fiery battle scene or action between you and the monster. Only riddles and stories you need to discover. With a forked structure, Anne is like a seamless cinematic adventure with many different endings. Graphics have a very unique and special feature, making the whole game an attractive movie. You are Anne, the executor of the order to keep order in the Forgotten Land. While starting to quell the rebellion can stop his employer. Will Bonku and her return to the human world…

Forgotton Anne [Unlocked] Apk - The forgotten land

Key features of Forgotton Anne

– Discover a magical world that is realized, captivating objects bring everyday life.
– Learn the truth behind the ongoing conflict between a ruler and a ruthless rebellion war.
– Run, jump, and soar as you try to guide Anne home, unlocking areas and abilities along the way.
– Solve difficult puzzles, maximum control in the forgotten world.
– Harnessing the power of Anima, the energy that gives life to the Land to fight.
– Enjoy beautiful hand-drawn graphics, accompanied by techniques as if enjoying an animated movie.
– The choice of words and actions will change the story thanks to the excellent branching plot system.
– Immerse yourself in the wonderful soundtrack performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Download Forgotton Anne Mod Apk for Android

– Unlocked Full Game.
Data extract, copy the folder com.hitcents.forgottonanne to the path: /Android/obb/

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