Duskwood [Mod] – Crime and Investigation Detective

Duskwood MOD APK, an extremely attractive and engaging game for mobile phones. You will become a scene, detective detective and investigate the secrets of the cases and criminals. Based on the gameplay of a novel simulation expressed through words, images, even videos. A very familiar but must be repeated, all your choices in Duskwood unlocked full will affect the end of the game.

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NameDuskwood – Crime & Investigation Detective Story
GenreRole-play, puzzle, simulation
Mod FeaturesUnlocked

Duskwood [Mod] Apk - Crime and Investigation Detective


The story of this game takes place in a small village. An ordinary village, always overcast and surrounded by dense forests. Strangers rarely go to this remote, remote vault. Therefore, when lost here, people always describe this place even really scary. But the locals of Duskwood have never worried about this. However, over the past 72 hours, many strange things have happened. They have even changed among the worries of the growing villagers. A girl has disappeared and mysterious legends surrounding the ancient forest seem to come alive …

It has been 72 hours since the girl Hannah disappeared without a trace. Unknown from where, her friends suddenly received a message from the phone of the missing person. The mysterious message contains only one number, but that number is your phone number. This is how your investigative story in Duskwood – Crime & Investigation Detective Story begins. Can you find Hannah? You will be able to protect your friends and yourself against evil. Overcome the killer and become the hero in this dramatic murder mystery story.

Duskwood [Mod] Apk - Crime and Investigation Detective

Mystery investigation gameplay

Tracking, consulting, controlling more information, that’s all you will have to do in this game. You are connected with friends in Duskwood via instant messaging. Your answers, choices, and decisions affect what others reveal about themselves. But remember, such trivial things even change the course of the story. Duskwood mod also known as text adventure game decided by options. A small action can change the whole situation.

By collecting hidden evidence, talking to many different characters and solving puzzles. Make new friends for more information. But whoever you are, you still have to be careful because you can’t know if you can be trusted or not. To make things more thrilling, the murder mystery story in the game grows around you. Right on your personal phone, you are part of a secret story and investigation. See what happens next, start the adventure, solve the mystery.

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– Unlocked Full Game.

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