DraStic DS Emulator – Play nds game on android (Remove License)

DraStic DS Emulator is the Nintendo DS emulator. The best nds gaming software for Android devices. With the nds emulator, you can play all NDS games without any difficulty. You will even get superior performance and perfection even on real gaming machines.

Summary information about the application

NameDraStic DS Emulator
GenreGiả lập
Mod FeaturesUnlocked, Remove License

DraStic DS Emulator - Play nds game on android (Remove License)

Features of DraStic DS Emulator Mod

– Support to increase the quality of 3D graphics of the game to 2 times the original resolution. This feature works best on devices with quad-core or higher chips.
– Customize the position and size of the DS screen. Optionally change one or two monitor mode.
– Full support, control by handle. And physical controls in devices like: nVidia Shield, Xperia Play.
– Easily change the virtual keyboard DraStic DS Emulator apk to suit your control.
– Save and continue game progress extremely simple. Support backing up your game progress to Google Drive.
– A database containing thousands of cheat codes is available. Enter the setting of drastic no license , the application will automatically recognize the game. Then automatically give you the appropriate cheat codes.
– Back up your game progress to Google Drive.
– Speed ​​up games, hide touch, virtual keyboard as you like.

DraStic DS Emulator - Play nds game on android (Remove License)

Instructions for installing and using

– Those of you using Android OS under 5.0, download the crack no root version. Installation is complete can play.
– For r2.5.0.4a version remove license, no need to use lucky patcher. Install apk file to be playable. Support for Android OS high life.
– The DraStic DS mod vr2.5.2.0a is the latest stable version available. Has been able to fix almost all annoying errors.
* After selecting the appropriate version, proceed to download and install the APK file as usual.

How to fix bugs, remove License

The instructions below are no longer needed because the latest version of the nds emulator I’ve tested has run very well, with few errors. But I still left the instructions below to prevent in case many devices still have errors occur. Left you can skip this content.

Error not showing file, rom game

– Step 1: Download X-plore File Manager Mod to your computer. (download here)
– Step 2: Follow the image below. (This is the version of X-plore I’m using as in the instructions)

Fix emulator error without showing game rom

Remove the License in the new version

Support the latest version of Drastic DS Emulator, applicable when checking licenses. No errors and no need to root. When performing the steps above or before playing, remember to turn on the network connection. After loading the game, you can turn off the internet. Prepare more applications: Virtual XposedJasi Patcher.

* Steps to take:
– Step 1: Grant all the rights to the virtual xposed application. Or just the following permissions: capacity, contacts, phone, microphone.
– Step 2: Open virtual xposed -> Keep pressing on the Launcher screen -> Add App -> Internal memory -> Tick on Drastic, Jasi Patcher -> Install -> Virtualxposed.
– Step 3: Keep open virtual xposed -> Keep pressing on the Launcher screen -> Launcher Setting -> Manage Xposed Modules -> Tick on Jasi Patcher -> Then close and force stop virtual xposed.
– Step 4: Open Jasi Patcher in virtual xposed -> Emulation -> Check the following options:
+ System Core Patch (Xposed), License Emulation, Billing Emulation.
+ Riêng phần SELECT APPS (XPOSED) -> Tích vào Drastic -> Save.
– Step 5: Complete, open Drastic in virtual xposed and enjoy.

Summary, general evaluation

The software does not include any games. To play the game, you will need the rom nds file. You can download the nds rom on the internet and browse them through the app.

I only guide the most important basic steps, and the rest of you try to help me. If you have any further questions, please leave me a comment. I have time to do a compilation of a few good nds games for you.

Download Drastic DS Mod Apk for Android

  • DraStic DS Emulator crack (no root): APK | Link 2
  • DraStic DS Emulator r2.5.0.4 (remove license): APK | Link 2
  • DraStic DS Emulator vr2.5.2.0a (licence resolved): APK | Link 2

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