Detention [Unlocked] – Haunted school

Detention Unlocked APK, an arcade game of the genre of attractive survival adventure has appeared on the mobile version. Developed by the Taiwanese game production team Red Candle Games, it first appeared on the pc platform. The game is made of unique 2D graphics but still makes players feel awful. Let’s explore the school with many dark secrets in Detention apk full version completely for android right now.

Summary information about the game

GenreLogic, horror
Mod FeaturesUnlocked

Detention [Unlocked] Apk - Haunted school

Experience simple control

The game is set in Taiwan under martial law in the 1960s. It contains many spiritual elements based on Taiwan culture and mythology, heavily influenced by Taiwan / East Asian culture. With simple point and click mechanism. Players control the characters who engage in school with hostile supernatural events to discover the stories behind the haunted place. Incorporating Taiwan / Chinese cultural elements and myths. The game has provided players with unique graphics and games experience.

Myths combined with horror and riddles, a great idea of ​​Detention apk. Along adventure and uncover the most mysterious mystery that no one has ever noticed. A male student, Wei Chung Ting, fell asleep in the classroom. After he woke up, everyone evacuated because of the upcoming storm announcement. He bumped into another female student, sleeping in the auditorium of the school. The two of them tried to go home, but the bridge was swept away by the flood and the river turned blood red. Han walked all the way through the school, dodged the demons, deciphered the secrets, searched for clues and her story was gradually revealed.

Detention [Unlocked] Apk - Haunted school

Features and characteristics of Detention

– Games in the atmosphere of horror play according to unique storylines.
– Unique Taiwan / East Asian cultural references.
– Original music fusion electronic, Lo-Fi and Rock with traditional Asian instruments.
– Attractive graphics and sounds inspired by Taiwanese literature, film and music in the 1960-1970s.
– 2D one player mode with simple point and click mechanism to learn the story.
– Support multiple languages. (including English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean)

Download Detention Unlocked Apk for Android

– Unlocked Full Version.
(Note, turn off the internet after entering the game, not associated with google play the game)
Data decompress, copy folder com.redcandlegames.detention to the path: /Android/obb/

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