Dawn of Zombies [Mod] – Survival after the last war

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK simulates survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Here, people who live through disasters are left behind. They have to endure to survive against famine, aberrations, fanatic mutants,… And zombies, illness and radiation. Of course, they may have to fight other survivors as well. The Aberration area is full of mysterious artifacts that no one knew about. Whether you can do it at Dawn of Zombies mod money, free craft, it’s all up to you.

Summary information about the game

NameDawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War
PublisherRoyal Ark
GenreAdventure, survival
Mod FeaturesFree Craft, Max Level, Restore health

Dawn of Zombies [Mod] Apk - Survival after the last war


Players will have to survive in a world that has experienced horrific apocalypse. All were almost destroyed but there were still survivors. They will face the most devastating disasters in the world. Our ancestors once faced war, famine, disease… But certainly never faced mutated zombies and radiation. But do you know what is humanity’s greatest rival? Of course it will be human, not any other species. You forgot everything, just remember that someone left the last trace in this very city. If you want to survive and regain memories, you must overcome difficult challenges.

You are one of the survivors at the Dawn of Zombies mod. Roamer, a man who tracks wasteland but is full of benefits. You must explore the last Territory. Anomalous aberrations mysteriously survived the war. Here, humans are more dangerous than wild animals. There, you could be killed for a box of canned meat and worn shoes. Somewhere in the Territory, your last friend. An expert on lone wolf aberration, disappeared. Only he can help you regain memory and survive.

Dawn of Zombies [Mod] Apk - Survival after the last war

Survival features of Dawn of Zombies

– Construction and manufacturing of various shelter structures on the surface and underground.
– Realistic graphics and lighting with changing day and night, volumetric fog.
– Energy is restored for free with food and at Shelters.
– Survive, defeat hunger and quench your thirst, recover from radiation and illness.
– Gloomy dumps, dark forests, unusual ruins filled with zombies, bandits and wild animals.
– From scientists to the army, fame with factions and characters to receive unique rewards.
– Advanced combat equipment, more than the blueprints for weapons, armor, vehicles.
– There are more than 60 types of weapons: AK, M-16, Makarov and Mosin-Nagant pistols,…
– Customize your weapons and armor on special desks, embedded items.

Dawn of Zombies [Mod] Apk - Survival after the last war

Many events, special game modes

– Choose any means of transportation: from bicycle to UAZ.
– Stealth mode: hide in the bush, sneak and kill without being noticed.
– Build a spy drone in Dawn of Zombies . And encircle the shelter of other players in PvP mode.
– Complete the events: protect allies from zombies or attack fanatic factions.
– Follow the story: dozens of characters, hundreds of tasks and notes.
– Location changing constantly: search for airdrops and hide, explore anomalous areas.
– Take raid on bosses in radioactive dungeons, trade and communicate with various factions.

Dawn of Zombies [Mod] Apk - Survival after the last war

Update add to Dawn of Zombies in future

– Multiplayer survival game mode with friends: PvP is free for everyone.
– Large settlements where you can communicate with other players.
– Guild system: upgrade your own base and participate in guild battles.
– MMO raid bosses and hunt the undead.
– Co-op PvE missions together.
– NPC allies and pets, including dogs and robot dogs.

Download Dawn of Zombies Mod Apk for Android

– Free Craft.
– Maximum level.
– Restore health, disconnect after use.
– Dumb Enemies.
– Anti-cheat. (There is still a high risk of having ban)
Data extract, copy folder com.survival.last to the path: /Android/obb/

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