Crab War [Mod] – Unlimited gold, gems, relic

Crab War Mod Apk, the game talks about the battle of the crabs with giant reptiles. War crabs, dangerous reptiles have robbed their habitat. Relatives are forced to find new housing. They burrowed underground to continue living. What will you do to protect your species from giant creatures. Download Crab War mod money for Android now.

Summary information about the game

TênCrab War
PublisherAppxplore (iCandy)
GenreSimulation, strategy
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold, Gems, Relic

Crab War [Mod] Apk - Unlimited gold, gems, relic

Continuing the war for a thousand years

Crabs are inherently weaker than other giant reptiles. But after centuries, the crabs absorb the mysterious power. The power of the strange crystals, crabs started to bounce back. Gather forces and start the war. Increase military strength, quickly evolve forces in many directions. And ready to drive away all enemies from their homeland.

Crab War requires your good thinking to make the right decision. Smart handling of money and armies, evolution suits the situation. There are many different evolution paths that bring different powers. Choose what you need most to fight or to grow. All will lead you to victory in the war.

Crab War [Mod] Apk - Unlimited gold, gems, relic

Main features of Crab War

– There are hundreds of different species of beautiful crabs. Diverse methods, ways to evolve.
– Control 33 Crab leaders to command the entire herd.
– Hunt down over 50 large and dangerous reptiles.
– Unlock 6 diverse combat features. Customize up to 18 different types of features.
– Peeling and regenerating, creating many species of extremely strong crabs.
– Kill monsters and earn worthy rewards.
– Bring your troops to the world. Compete with other gamers in the dramatic tournament.
– Modify the genes of your crabs and customize the crabs in the Genetic Tree.
– Gather forces with the help of powerful allies such as killer crabs and yellow rays.

Download Crab War Mod Apk for Android

– Unlimited Gold, Gem.
– Unlimited Relic.
– Unlimited Gen Point.

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