Coromon [Mod] – Unlimited Gold Coins

Coromon MOD APK, continues to be a fascinating monster taming game on mobile. Graphics in the style of modern retro pixels have distinctive features. The game offers an immersive story, strategic turn-based combat. And accompanied by challenging puzzles for a classic genre. If you love this genre, download Coromon mod money to your phone now.

Summary information about the game

GenreAdventure, role-play, RPG
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins

Coromon [Mod] Apk - Unlimited Gold Coins

Exciting adventure

In the beautiful world, where humans and monsters live together in harmony. A shady organization is on the verge of unleashing a dark force in the world. Will they succeed in their evil plans, or will you be the one to stop them? Start the journey as a young hero, and gather your favorite Coromon. Create unique characters from hundreds of available clothing, hairstyles and hats. Use reasonable tactics to create a mighty team. Get ready to train, fight and solve your way through a world full of adventure.

Use the most powerful attacks to defeat the opponent Coromon team game. Use your skills to poison, stunning or damage your opponent with a stock of available skills. With that, use the power of your gloves like: Burn, Electrify and Quake. Find and defeat all elemental defenders to restore the power of the devil and save the world from darkness. Six Titans exist in Velua, which holds great power, whether you can overcome them.

Coromon [Mod] Apk - Unlimited Gold Coins

Main features of Coromon

– Interesting story play with an interesting story.
– Customizable characters to create the perfect image for the character as you like.
– Beautiful modernized pixelart images inspired by the classic rpg genre.
– There are more than 120 types of monsters with full animation for every attack.
– Easily customize the stats for each monster to fit the play of each individual.
– Challenging riddles, difficulty levels for an additional challenge.
– Unique areas to explore, background music, separate terrain for each map.
– Every new town or route you visit will bring a whole new atmosphere.
– Support automatic progress storage and gamepad handles.

Download Coromon Mod Apk for Android

– Unlimited Gold Coins.

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