Ares Virus [Mod] – Mysterious virus pandemic

Join now the Ares Virus Mod Apk, the most realistic survival game. 2D style graphics with fancy angles, players will be immersed in the character. Start the journey, do everything to survive in a world of deadly plague. What would you do in this situation, and how to survive in the harshest world. Download and experience Ares Virus mod unlimitd enegry, god mode for android.

Summary information about the game

NameAres Virus
PublisherQcplay Limited.
GenreRole-play, survival
Mod FeaturesGod Mode, High Health, Energy

Ares Virus [Mod] Apk - Mysterious virus pandemic

Survival can change everything

This is a survival game, so you have to pay attention to many factors to maintain the life of yourself and your team. Try to collect as many resources as possible, build a safe haven, build weapons and cook. In addition to having to equip themselves with powerful weapons to fight the terrible disease that is taking place, players need to consider temperature, sudden illness, hunger, changing weather. Take advantage of terrain, maps and everything you have to survive and survive in the first days. This is the end of the world. The city is in danger under the threat of Ares Virus mod full apk.

At the end of the day, hunger strikes, should we still be kind and honest, or should we follow our survival instincts? Make your choice in this awesome apocalyptic 2D survival role-playing game. Zombies are crowded and resources are exhausted. If you want to survive, then you must fight. You must fight skilled monsters, communicate with people with evil motives. Conflict and incidents can lead to bloody events and reflections on human nature. There are more dangerous things than wild animals and diseases, which are people. As a member of S.O.T, whose task is to find viral antibodies, what decision will you make?

Ares Virus [Mod] Apk - Mysterious virus pandemic

Attractive feature of Ares Virus

– 2D shooting survival game with top-down perspective, new ball style.
– Freedom to build, plunder, do everything to be able to survive
– Different weapons and strategies should be chosen for different enemies.
– Full apocalypse theme: resource gathering, food processing, drug production and forging equipment.
– Countless different items, the way of survival depends on you.
– Instant action, easy control of double joystick via touch screen.
– End of expansion, your choice will determine another fate.

Download Ares Virus Mod Apk for Android

– Never Hungry.
– High Health, Energy.

  • Ares Virus 1.0.5 (Mod Full): APK | Link 2
  • Google Play: Download

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